I always wanted to learn how to use music production software. After learning just the basics it turns that perhaps I'm not ready for this amount of power.

I know, vaporwave is dead. But I still love it, specially the mexican approach to the genre, masterpieces such as Tacos al VaporWave, Luismiwave and singles like this one, make me extremely happy when I'm in the adequate mood.

So, at a boring and slow office day I decided to investigate how music production software worked and how it is usually used. I knew the gist of it, you use an expensive software suite like Ableton, select a MIDI instrument, set a tempo, and hit record while pressing a key on your glorious Novation board. The thing was that I don't own either a fancy software, or a board.

That's where my opensource soul came into action. I figured that by 2019 there should be at least one music production project somewhere. So after a thorough search that took me almost 3 minutes. I found one.

LMMS (Lets Make Music Software), besides from having a very adequate name, is a project specifically to do what I was trying to. Having Ableton, without paying (I also found that a regular computer keyboard can replace a MIDI board). To my surprise I got used to interface pretty quickly and thanks to a couple of videos I saw about how synthesizers work I understood the tools approach to using the included plugins.

There was I, with the perfect combination of elements: boredom, curiosity and the right tools.  So I decided to try my luck and grabbed Kenan and Kel's backtrack and a couple of our current and highly "memeable" mexican president speeches and proceded to create two versions of my experiment.

Without further ado, I present to you my descent into madness.

Yes. Maybe I should stay off music and return to profound cyberpunk vampire fanfic writing.

See you soon.