My public life and content creation process has been a mess since I was digitally born.

I think I created my first website around 2010 on a google site, back when this things were ugly and mostly pointless. I used to write reviews for 20 - 30 year old rock albums I was just starting to discover.

Later on on the times of blogger and myspace, I had around 4 or 5 attempts to have a "music digest" where I embedded youtube, dailimotion and "google videos" of songs I was super sure everybody would enjoy. They died quickly, to say the least.

Then my "totally not writing Twilight fanfics" phase came around and I decided to write angsty text that, as far as I knew, probably would make all the girls love me for being this "profound cyberpunk vampire writer". I uploaded them to my Facebook as "notes", a novelty on 2011.

Many years passed and I continued to start and kill many self-expression projects, including (not in a particular order):

  • a internet radio station (back when was free and Grooveshark existed)
  • an edutainment youtube channel
  • around 3 "just chatting" podcasts
  • a digital security oriented personal blog
  • a digital security podcast
  • a videogame review blog
  • probably more music digest blogs

Eventually I gave up. Took everything down and became another dude that self-expresses only on twitter to my stunning 300 followers...

But alas everything changed when the fire nation attacked. After I became an active dungeon master, which gave the inner self-confidence on the stuff I create (life's never the same once you make someone cry with a D&D story arc), took activism seriously, read, lived, started a really tiny production company and started a serious career on software development I have decided to return to put myself out there. Not to get likes, comments, or money but to get this glorious satisfaction of expressing myself somewhere public.

So here's to you, anonymous reader of this blog post. For being there even if I might never know where are you, or who you are. I hope you find whatever I decide to put out there even mildly interesting, specially my new and improved 2019 youtube cyberpunk vampire music digest.

Nah, I wont go near that again. Promise.

See you soon.

Quiero escribir tanto en inglés como español y creo haber encontrado la forma de hacerlo de una manera bastante interesante con ghost. Espero pronto acomodarlo para tener ambas opciones bajo el mismo url. Por lo pronto, en inglés.

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash